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'Women to Watch' tour at the Affordable Art Fair NYC Event

Be Smart About Art Founder Susan Mumford will take participants on a tour of The Affordable Art Fair.  Wonder what you miss when visiting a fair on your own? Join this whistle-stop tour to learn about collecting & curating, as well as the stories of individual pieces on display. She&r...

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Photography 'Rooftop Collective': October 2016 Meet-Up Event

ABOUT THE ROOFTOP COLLECTIVE: Established in 2010, this group is comprised of professional photographers who are mutually developing creative and professional practice. The collective meets on a monthly basis to present recent works, critique one another's images and practices and, abov...

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Pricing and Editioning Art - with a focus on photography Event

Many artists struggle to get pricing right and to be confident about what they are asking. Yet in context of the marketplace, the answer can be straightforward. Plus, putting this crucial piece in place will help you sell more art, profitably.  In this workshop, you will learn how to &l...

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Selling to joint decision-makers? Give them space (literally) Post

from our Sunday reading series - a weekly blog post (subscribe here) Selling works of art to a couple (those in long-term relationships) can be quite the experience. Make a comment to seasoned art dealers about this subject, and many will roll their eyes, saying something al...

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Why exhibit? Post
Sept. 18, 2016

Why exhibit?

from our Sunday reading series - a weekly blog post (subscribe here) This might seem like a trick question, for the obvious answer is to make money, right? Not necessarily, and it’s certainly isn’t the only reason.   Many people find themselves disappointed ...

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