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How to sell art from an online marketplace? Webinar with artist Paola Minekov, interviewed by Susan Mumford Event

We're regularly asked about how to sell art from online marketplaces. Though many artists create profiles, followed by uploading images and information, few see notable results.  This is why we'll be talking with artist Paola Minekov, a Be Smart About Art Founding Member, about her suc...

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Photography 'Rooftop Collective': June 2016 Meet-Up Event

ABOUT THE ROOFTOP COLLECITVE: Established in 2010, this group is comprised of professional photographers who are mutually developing creative and professional practice. The collective meets on a monthly basis to present recent works, critique one another's images and practices and, abov...

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Be Smart Re-Start 2016: 1-day Symposium for Art Professionals Event

Get ready to re-start 2016... During this one-day symposium - following the amazing #BeSmartKickStart day in January, you will re-visit your 2016 plan, establish aims for the final 6+ months of the year, experience one-to-one and group sessions with industry specialists and more. "Thank you for a...

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How do you get press? Post
May 29, 2016

How do you get press?

from our Sunday reading series - a weekly blog post (subscribe here) When preparing my first West End exhibition, I had enough experience of working in galleries and curating shows to understand that simply presenting an exhibition wasn’t enough to get press exposure. ...

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Sell more with limited editions Post

from our Sunday reading series - a weekly blog post (subscribe here) Many artists create limited editions*, ranging from 2 to the thousands (though most commonly they’re under 100). What happens to the pricing of individual pieces as an edition sells? Is each work the ...

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