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Fundraising in a Shifting Art World - A BSAA Talk with Fundraiser Kane Moore Event

Do you think individuals and companies are supporting the arts with Brexit and the recent election results?You bet they are❗️ BSAA Founder Susan Mumford recalls a story from her days as a Soho (London) gallerist, in the height of the Great Recession (2008-10): "As a small business owner...

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Be Smart About Art visits the Olympia Art + Antiques Fair. Talk + tour + networking Event

#besmartaboutart networking is a monthly opportunity to meet artists, curators & other peers, to view exhibitions and spaces, and to expand knowledge - creative and professional alike.  In June 2017, we're heading for the first time to the Olympia Art & Antiques Fair. This esta...

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Create Your Business Model Canvas - for Artists + Creative Entrepreneurs Event

Do you... Have a creative practice, but no professional plan for how you're career's developing or where it's going? Wrestle with assigning monetary value to creative output, including talking about money with others? Think in pictures, not words, and certainly not in spreadsheets? Wa...

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Reverse mentoring...? Post
June 18, 2017

Reverse mentoring...?

from our Sunday reading series - a weekly blog post (subscribe here) Every now and then I come across a concept that immediately strikes a chord, and ‘reverse mentoring’ falls into this category.What is it? As implied by the name, reverse mentoring flip-flops the...

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From Virtual to Augmented Reality, How Do You Stay in the Know? Post

from our Sunday reading series - a weekly blog post (subscribe here) What's the first thing that pops into your head when you see the above photograph, depicting the author wearing a techno-contraption in a bright white room? Whereas some readers might think, "Susan has trav...

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