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Art + Creativity + Avoiding Burnout in 2018: A panel discussion with artist Rod McIntosh Event

Prepare to succeed: How will you joyfully juggle professional and personal demands whilst safeguarding your creativity and maintaining good health in 2018? Our monthly talk series at Cass Art will address the value of ambition, forward thinking + preventative measures to help you manage the pra...

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Making it as an Artist in the 21st Century: 2018 (over 3 terms) Event

This multi-part professional development course is designed for emerging to mid-career artists who are ready to up your game in a rapidly changing industry. Following an online course that ran in autumn 2017 (for which the participants are set to continue for parts 2 and 3 in 2018!), the course ...

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Talk, Tour + Networking at the Lisa Norris Gallery's exhibition 'Sculpture Room' Event

#besmartaboutart networking is a monthly opportunity to meet artists, curators & other art world peers, view exhibitions and spaces, and expand knowledge – creative and professional alike!   It’s not every day that we get to head to a gallery that we’ve known since th...

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Who sits behind the desk at your shows? Post

As someone who’s keen to look after the essential mechanism that is otherwise known as my body, I frequently go on long walks with my other half, Chris. This results in all sorts of new discoveries, and recently we stumbled upon a secondhand furniture shop.Naturally we decided to have a l...

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Knowledge. Is. Power. Post
Jan. 7, 2018

Knowledge. Is. Power.

At the time of writing, we’re only one week into the new year and I’m thinking back to some good ole sorting done over the holidays. Whereas I’m normally State-side seeing family, this time around I stayed put in London – and wow, did some paperwork sorting get done!The ...

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