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Have you framed (or been framed in) the picture? And has it been shared? Post

How many times have you taken photographs to share on social media, and yet they’ve never seen the light of day? And how often do others taken an image of you with the same nothing-has-been-done-with-it outcome?I often talk about the importance of events in the art world - and one of the main ways that people find out about events ...

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Responding to awkward questions and comments Post

For the occasion of International Women’s Day (which takes place on 8th March each year) and in the midst of Women’s History (or might we say ‘herstory’) Month, I’ve been reflecting on my own experiences as a professional woman, and how to provide insight for BSAA readers (regardless of gender!). This honours a BSAA value of ‘equality,’ and also recognises ...

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Rolling the dice? Nah. How to say 'yes' and work out the 'how' Post

I was recently joking to someone that I’ll end up setting up a speakers’ bureau for the art world… There was, perhaps unsurprisingly, a grain of truth in the remark. This got me thinking about how saying ‘yes’ and then working out the ‘how’ can be used to nurture professional relationships and even win more business in the long-term.The recent ...

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How long do subscribers remember your email campaigns? Post

When it comes to email marketing, a common concern of creative professionals and small business owners is not wanting to ‘bother people.’ Big companies that send daily emails give this form of modern-day promotion and engagement a bad name, and yet it can be done with integrity and impact.A real-life story immediately comes to mind...I once arrived at a bus ...

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So you have a show opening. What's better, open entry or RSVP list? Post

Image credit for above photograph: The large-scale piece behind Susan is an original by Rod McIntosh, shown at The Other Art Fair in October 2014. See his work at and follow Rod on Instagram @dawltonbarn. ____________________I’ve previously written about how it can be a help to have a crowd at a show. The buzz created by many people being in the same ...

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PODCAST: Payment plans can work a treat for selling art - with Susan J Mumford Post

[SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST ON ITUNES]About this 4-minute episode: This episode gives you easy ways to close additional sales and develop long-term customers all the while.    Press 'Play' and Enjoy:  

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Making the most of shows: Three tips for artists and curators Post

Whilst doing a major overhaul of my office in recent days, I discovered the ‘logbook’ from a work placement that I undertook as an independent curator while working towards a Master’s in Arts Management. This involved conceiving of an exhibition and seeing it through from start to finish.Little notes that accompany the pages of the logbook provide insight to my ...

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Looking to your past provides empowerment for who you are today Post

What were you doing when you were… 6 years old? 10 years old? 15 years old? And what might it tell you about yourself today?It was only several years ago, well after having set up and run membership groups, that it dawned on me that I’ve been setting up networks since growing up in a cul-de-sac in small-town America. I ...

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Writing tips (thanks to 5+ years of blogging) Post

The photograph above was taken at The Feminist Library in London (spot the book on Laura Knight to the left). As we’re living in the digital age, the visit got me thinking about the important role that libraries continue to play, not only for academic qualifications but in also the ongoing school of life. And, much like careers as artists ...

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OPEN CALL for The Rooftop Collective Show: Artists of any discipline invited to present 'response' pieces, to be paired for a spring show in London Post

APPLICATIONS HAVE NOW BEEN CLOSED. _________________________ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITY:  The Rooftop Collective is a group of photographers who support and challenge one another in mutual pursuit of ongoing creative and professional development. The Collective started in Susan J Mumford's gallery on the rooftops of Soho back in 2010 (hence the name) and is today powered by Be Smart About Art. The current ...

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