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The Rooftop Collective - FAQs and key information

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The Rooftop Collective - FAQs and key information


Originally formed in 2010, this group is comprised of professional photographers who are mutually developing their art practices. 

They meet on a monthly basis to present recent works, critique one another's images and practices and, above and beyond all else, simultaneously support and challenge one another in their ongoing journeys within an increasingly competitive field. 

As a result of exhibiting in the UK's cultural capital, Members have successfully sold works of art, attained gallery representation and taken major new directions in their creative practices.  

The Collective is presenting an ongoing programme of group and solo exhibitions, in partnership with GoldCrest Films at 1 Lexington Street in Soho, London. 

See the group's latest updates: 
Instagram @therooftopcollective 


"Who is eligible to join?" 

Photographers who are dedicated to developing their practice. Active participation is essential for individuals to benefit.

If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of the group yourself, book to attend a Collective meeting. And only if it's the right fit for you, apply to join. 
Note: The Collective Membership capacity is 10 people. The group presently has six Members. 

You're also welcome to complete an application form in advance of visiting, to secure your potential Membership spot: Click here.

"How much does it cost?" 

The most important investment is your time. By making an active effort to attend meetings (either in person or remotely via internet connection), you will gain the greatest benefit. 

The monthly membership subscription is 25 GBP. 

Note: If you would also like to join Be Smart About Art Membership, your Collective Membership will be reduced by 20%, so you pay £29.95 per month for both Be Smart About Art & the Photography Collective. 

"I'm already a Be Smart About Art Member. How will the membership subscription work for me?" 

You can separately sign-up for The Rooftop Collective (successful application providing) for 20 GBP per month. 

"What benefits would I receive as a Member?" 

You have access to the monthly meeting. 

You're eligible to exhibit at shows - for example, in group and/or solo shows as part of the ongoing partnership with GoldCrest Films, as well as exhibitions in correlation with Photo Month (October each year). 

You will have presence on the group website, and will be able to take an active part in the Collective's online presence via blogging, instagramming and the like. 


You are welcome to join the monthly meeting once as a Visitor, prior to committing to join. 

Go to the 'Events' section of the website and reserve your place (as a Visitor) for an upcoming meeting. And be sure to bring examples of your photography to show to everyone!

Want to apply to become a Rooftop Collective Member?
Firstly, you need to complete the online form.
Your application will then be reviewed by Be Smart About Art. We aim to inform all applicants of application results within two weeks of receipt.

How Membership works:
Membership is available on a rolling monthly basis, without a minimum time commitment.
Should a Member leave, a period of 12 months must pass prior to reapplying / rejoining.

Membership dues:
Be Smart About Art + The Rooftop Collective Membership: £29.95 pcm
The Rooftop Collective Membership only*: £25 pcm

Read about BSAA Membership.

Key information:

  • The Collective Coordinator is Maria Marro-Perera, who facilitates meetings, liaises with Members, maintains the Collective website and marketing and assists with exhibition and event development.
  • The Collective is comprised of a maximum of 10 Members. There are currently 4 spaces available. When no more spaces are available, interested individuals will be able to join the waiting list by emailing .

If you have any questions or need any guidance to fill in the form, feel free to contact