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2014 New Year message: Black-eyed peas and more...

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2014 New Year message: Black-eyed peas and more...

1st January 2014 

Can you believe, it’s that time again. This is the second annual message, and my, oh my, the past 12 months have been a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Well, where do I start?! The Number One most exciting thing to me has been the introduction of online access to our workshops. Here’s the thing: I hail from a flyover state in the USA’s Deep South and when growing up, was seriously annoyed with seemingly everything-art only being in the Big Apple, several thousand miles away. Very little, culturally-speaking, was available to the girl from Little Rock.

Heeeellooo, internet!

A key moment for me was when a London-based photographer based only a mile from HQ took advantage. Why didn’t she just walk over, you ask? She has two young children at home, so there is no way she could leave. She has since become a Member, as the online resources enable her to continue career development whilst raising a young family. This is eye-wateringly wonderful!

What else did we do in 2013? Well… we introduced free monthly webinars and connected those to a new YouTube channel, started a photography collective, ran a competition for an art dealers bootcamp, started a monthly interview with a successful art professional, welcomed artist/designer Holly to the BSAA Team (she works at home with 20-month-old Aggie), began the empowering you digitally 1-2-1 programme, introduced monthly membership and moved to our fabulous digs in Covent Garden.

The amazing news for all is that 2014 is the year of Be-Smart-About-Art-goes-online. Believe me, we are still in the early stages of the journey, so watch out for updates and opportunities.

The year behind and ahead: Year of the Artist Collective @ BSAA
Thinking about what we’ve done and what lies ahead, I am excited about the photography collective, a group still in embryonic form. It marries creative practice and professional development. I started a photo collective back in 2010 which was a great success with exhibitions and notable development in each member’s practice.
The concept has now come to Be Smart About Art and I will lead the next meeting on Wednesday 15th January at the London Art Fair (fair ticket included). Then starting in February, the group will meet monthly on the second Tuesday. Meetings will alternate between group critiques and professional development sessions.

Want in? Find out and sign up here.

Not a photographer but keen on the collective concept?
We are going to start other medium-centred collectives based on what you need.
Send us a message to register interest (and specify the medium of interest), as we will
Here are some starter ideas: conceptual art, painting, sculpture.
Let us know what you want!

Keen to attend the Art Dealers Bootcamp between February 3rd-5th?
I am personally extending the special discounted rate of £495 for email subscribers until a week from today, Wednesday 8th January. We’ll call it the Founder’s  Christmas lurgy special and leave it at that. Just send BSAA a message to reserve your spot (only 3 remaining) and we will send you full details of the amazingly informative and intensive 3 days of training to benefit your practice as an art dealer / gallerist. See full details.

Well folks, that wraps up the year behind, and prepares us for adventure and learning for the next 365 days.

Here’s to fabulous development in your art career, one and all.

Let’s rock 2014!

p.s. The photograph above is me abiding by an important South/South-West tradition of eating "black-eyed peas" (though they're really beans) for New Year... Tradition goes that you must have some if you want good luck and prosperity in the year ahead. My mother will be pleased that at long last, I have obliged! Here's some information on the tradition.

p.p.s. BSAA email subscribers were given 2 special freebies with this annual message. Lucky dogs! Not on the list? Sign up now!

What New Year tradition/s do you celebrate?   
With readers from all over the planet, we would love to learn about what you do!   

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Posted by : Ellen Johnson 01/01/2014 19:44

Loved it!

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Happy new year Susan~ I experienced a wonderful new year tradition in London last night, with old and new friends.. The Twelve Grapes of Luck, from Venezuela and Spain. Although there were no bells close by (we improvised the timing), the tradition is to each have 12 grapes.. whilst eating each one, you make a wish on the strike of every bell at midnight.. This gives a year of prosperity ahead. It made for a delightful start to the year! Then today I happened to cook up black eyed peas by chance and while they were cooking your email popped up! Timing so far has been fitting, so bottoms up to a fabulous year ahead!