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VIDEO: Why and how artists & galleries sell art online - Monthly Art World Webinar Recap Video (Jan 2014)

written by: Be Smart About Art Team Jan. 8, 2014 4) Videos 4751 views

VIDEO: Why and how artists & galleries sell art online - Monthly Art World Webinar Recap Video (Jan 2014)

Each month, we invite an expert speaker to divulge knowledge in the Monthly Art World Webinar. The event takes place for an hour and has attendees from all over the globe, as it can be accessed simply with a reliable internet connection. Participants are invited to ask questions, and the speaker answers as many as time allows.

On 8th January 2014, Jonas Almgren, CEO of online art marketplace Artfinder, joined us and provided terrific knowledge for selling art online. Viewers gained an understanding of what might concern collectors and how to resolve those worries, why some artists and galleries are uncertain about selling art online and what to do to alleviate these points, and what can be done to increase the probability of selling - and more, at that.

In this 15-minute Webinar Video recap, Jonas takes you through the key points for how to sell art online. Note that these principles apply on an international basis.

Simply press play below, and enjoy!

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Fantastic to know all about Jonas and his desire for artists and customers. Thanks for taking the time chaps x

I've just caught up with the session...what a trooper you are, Susan! Well done!

Loads of helpful advice from both you and Jonas. Perhaps I missed this info, but if the artist is sending their work to the client how can Artfinder be sure that the work has been packaged securely and shipped using an approved carrier and for the charge quoted on the site?



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Rowena: I will be absolutely fascinated to find out about gender of art collectors! Excellent enquiry and something into which I will investigate. As it happens, there were men in the webinar this evening, however they were clearly more shy than in the classroom ;-).

In running Be Smart About Art, I have made an observation that women like to 'skill-up'; we like to be confident that we know plenty about our area of expertise before daring to call ourselves a professional. It seems to be a deep-seated aspect of women. Gents on the other hand are much more willing to blunder their way through, even before they are really ready to do so.

From my perspective, a combination of the two is ideal: Everyone needs to be willing to take a leap and go for it, and everyone can continue learning. As they say," the more you know, the more you realise you don't know." This is absolutely the case when it comes to the history of art!

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Posted by : Rowena 08/01/2014 21:41

Are most collectors male or female? Most questions tonight are from females......

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Posted by : Ila 08/01/2014 21:22

Thank you so much for organising this !!! I was very interested and I think Art Finder might provide a much better platform than my now closed Etsy shop ! Invaluable information and it's great to have a real person to talk to.

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Posted by : Patricia Cornish 08/01/2014 21:19

Thanks for the talk with Jonas ! it was really helpful. Cheers Patricia