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10 Questions Interview with... Artist Marcus McAllister

written by: Be Smart About Art Team March 20, 2014 5) Interviews + Guest Blog Posts 3526 views

10 Questions Interview with... Artist Marcus McAllister

Each month we ask an art world professional 10 questions about their practice. This month we speak with artist Marcus McAllister...

Place of birth:
I’m from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, although I spent the first ten years of my life on army bases throughout the US and in Germany. 
Where you now call 'Home':
Home now is Paris, France, where I’ve lived for over 18 years.
Life Ambition:
Live my life as authentically, honestly, and sincerely as I can
Your career in 5 words:
personal, metaphoric, structured, constant and sincere

Q1. What inspired you to become an artist? 
Art just sort of took over. I’d always drawn as a kid, but during college I moved more and more towards fine arts as a degree and a life-choice.  The more art I did, the more this just seemed to be the right path for me.

Q2. What is the best, and what is the worst, thing about being an artist?  
The best part is the freedom, which may also be the hardest thing.  It’s difficult to choose to step aside from what is expected or from what one knows already—and very difficult to take responsibility for that choice.

Q3. How do you keep on top of what is happening in the art world, locally and internationally?  
First is the obvious: emails, internet and social media.  After that I push myself to get out there and see what’s in the galleries and the museums.  I have the great luxury of living in an international city.

Q4. What event in your life, big or small, prompted a major turning point in your career?
Certainly my move to France! Changing countries and languages opened so many doors.

Q5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
“Keep going”

Q6. When do you know when a work of art is finished?
When it says so.

Q7. What would you be lost without?
My sketchbook

Q8. What item of luxury would you have on a desert island?
A hot shower

Q9. What is your favourite book (or who is your favourite author)?
My usual easy response to that question is Tolkien (with all that implies) but if I wanted to dig a bit for what reading material has had a large impact on me and my work, I would answer Carl Jung.

Q10. What is your favourite quotation? 
“You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.” Carl Jung

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