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Would you like to borrow my name?

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Would you like to borrow my name?

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There are many different types of people you can have in your ‘network’. You can use different contacts at different times, depending on your needs.

One such example comes from when I was an art consultant. Jane is an artist in my network who had completed a commission for Tom, who is the senior doctor at a local NHS practice. A fervent supporter of the arts, he was seeking to commission an artist to create bespoke pieces for their new medical centre. Upon hearing this, Jane (who was not right for the job), told the GP about myself, and asked if he would like an introduction. The answer was an immediate ‘yes’, and she contacted me to confirm my own interest in meeting Tom.

In this instance, a formally composed email introduction was appropriate, as it was between a specific pair of individuals. There are many other situations, however, that don’t warrant such in-depth introductions. Yet even so, use of a simple technique can make a world of difference in warming up an individual who shares a trusted contact in common.

borrowing my nameHere’s an example. I was mentoring an artist who had a shortlist of gallerists to approach. We reviewed each one’s relevance (or lack thereof), and whittled down the list. The next step was to visit the galleries, including a combination of permanent ‘bricks and mortar’ locations as well as temporary ‘pop-up’ venues.

borrow my nameWhen the circumstance is right, don’t hesitate to ask if you may borrow someone’s name, and likewise, remember to offer for someone else to borrow yours. It’s a simple networking technique that can yield excellent results. 

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