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10 Questions Interview with... Gallerist Elizabeth Goode

written by: Be Smart About Art Team Feb. 16, 2015 5) Interviews + Guest Blog Posts 4880 views

10 Questions Interview with... Gallerist Elizabeth Goode

Each month we ask an art world professional 10 questions about their practice. This month we speak with gallerist Elizabeth Goode...

Elizabeth Goode

Where were you born and/or raised, and where do you now call home?
I was born and raised in Portsmouth, Hampshire and I have lived in Crystal Palace, London for 13 years, it's my home.

What is your profession?
Gallery Director

What is your life ambition?
It changes daily

Describe your business in 5 words:
Gallery, art, integrity, architecture, supportive

Q1. What inspired you to become a gallerist?
After teaching Fine Art on a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design for 8 years and having a newborn baby I took a redundancy package. My husband Jonathan Goode and business partner Jason Slocombe of Le Lay Architects had begun a gallery in their architecture practice as a project to engage with artists who have an interest in architecture and they asked me if I would like to oversee running it. I have spent the last 3 years building the gallery and hopefully its reputation.

Q2. What is the best, and what is the worst, thing about being a gallerist?
The Best - Building a relationship with an artist and allowing them to realise their ideas.
The Worst - Juggling a 3 year old with deadlines and running the gallery.

Q3. How do you keep on top of what is happening in the art world, locally and internationally?
I regularly read art journals and periodicals. I'm on a variety of mailing lists, word of mouth, and social media and I am also a member of the Museums Association.

Q4. What event in your life, big or small, prompted a major turning point in your career? 
Having my son Theo and realising that I would have been paid £5 a day in teaching after childcare and travel. So overnight I went from lecturer to gallerist.

Q5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
In the first year of my fine art degree I was asked to make a sculpture from a life model using wood and metal. It was a complete disaster. My tutor Roland Piche took me and my sculpture to the skip and told me to throw it in, in tears I did. As an artist and now as a gallerist general knowing that its okay to stop and throw an idea or an artwork out was the best advice I have had. I think about that most days.

Q6. What potentially embarrassing moment did you turn on its head?
Anthony Caro came to see an exhibition by Olivia Bax at The Foundry Gallery, just minutes before he arrived I slipped over in our yard got soaking wet and hit my head. Luckily I was wearing black trousers!

Q7. What would you be lost without?
My family and friends 

Q8. What item of luxury would you have on a desert island?
Gin & tonic and all my books.

Q9. What is your favourite book (or who is your favourite author)?
My favourite book is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and my favourite authors are Margaret Atwood, A.M. Homes, Richard Yates, and John Steinbeck.

Q10. What is your favourite quotation?
“Empty vessels make loud noises”
My teacher Judith Cochrane told me that during my A Levels

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