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The Wing Assignment - Case Study with Creative Specialist Deborah Henry-Pollard

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The Wing Assignment - Case Study with Creative Specialist Deborah Henry-Pollard

Nina Farrell is an artist and designer. She had an idea to create something special after receiving a bird’s wing for a personal artistic project. In fact, it generated so many ideas that Nina and her partner, Asa Medhurst, (also an artist and designer), started to encourage their friends and creative contacts to experiment around a brief to create a piece of work using, or inspired by, a bird’s wing, within a set time frame. They decided to exhibit the results on a website.

Conceived initially as a creative exercise amongst friends, over the next few months the project attracted architects, writers, photographers, illustrators, painters and graphic designers. Everyone was drawn to the assignment through the website and word of mouth, some from as far afield as Singapore and the United States.  In total, 60 creatives took part in what became known as The Wing Assignment.

As momentum grew, Nina approached Deborah Henry-Pollard. Nina was wondering how to do more with all of the creations, the standard of which was overwhelming. Over a series of coaching sessions, Deborah gave Nina the space to explore possibilities so as to further develop the project.  Deborah also offered suggestions, ideas and expertise.  The results included an exhibition at the Red Bull Gallery in September 2012, followed by a further exhibition at the Asylum Gallery in March 2013, both of which attracted significant sponsorship.  To support the exhibitions, limited edition prints of 12 of the works and a 125 page catalogue were produced through generous sponsorship from printers, Pureprint.  In addition, many of the artists sold works and gained a new audience.

“Deborah has offered invaluable support and advice as a mentor and coach for The Wing Assignment. … I would not hesitate to recommend Deborah to any creative with a head full of ideas that need carefully and calmly extracting!”
-Nina Farrell, Artist & Designer

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