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10 Questions Interview with... Artist Chris King

written by: Susan Mumford June 25, 2015 5) Interviews + Insider's Insights 3774 views

10 Questions Interview with... Artist Chris King

Each month we ask an art world professional 10 questions about their practice. This month we speak with artist Chris King...

Where were you born and/or raised, and where do you now call home?
I grew up in Warwickshire, just outside Leamington Spa, in a house that my parents rescued from being demolished - the oldest parts of it were dated to about 1320. Home is now East Dulwich, in South London.

What is your profession?
I'm a software developer. Your eyes might glaze over, but it's a very creative profession.

What is your life ambition?
To live a long, happy, healthy life. On track so far

Describe your practice in 5 words:
Often involves lots of walking 

Q1. What inspired you to become a artist?
I have been taking photographs for most of my life. My father bribed me to work harder for my A levels with the promise of a camera - it worked. 

Q2. What is the best, and worst, thing about being an artist?
The best - sometimes just knowing that you have captured something good. Seeing your work on a wall, and selling it. The worst - some days it doesn't work. Best to just stop when that happens.

Q3. How do you keep on top of what is happening in the art world, locally and internationally?
Twitter, Susan and art world friends. Not necessarily in that order. 

Q4. What event in your life, big or small, prompted a major turning point in your career? 
Two things - joining the Rooftop (photography) Collective, and starting to use a rangefinder camera. The Collective gives me regular, reliable feedback, criticism and support. Using a rangefinder camera slowed me down, and gave me less choices compared to a modern SLR. I have to think more about taking images, and that made all the difference.

Q5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Keep working at it. Never stop. 

Q6. When do you know a work of art is finished?
That's not the hard bit - the decision about which images to use for shows - the editing is the part I find hard. 

Q7: What potentially embarrassing moment did you turn on its head?
A picture destined for a show arrived with a big dent in it and a bent corner. Fortunately the printer was able to ship a new one really quickly. 

Q8. What item of luxury would you have on a desert island?
The internet. Duh.

Q9. What is your favourite book (or who is your favourite author)?
I read voraciously, so that's a hard question. I'd say that one of the best books I have ever read is "The Crimson Petal and the White" by Michael Faber. 

Q10. What is your favourite quotation?
"It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.". Often attributed to the physicist Neils Bohr, but may come from an unknown Danish author (see

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Chris is Be Smart About Art's Official Photographer. Not only that, he's the visual content creator for the 'Sunday reading' blog, as Founder Susan Mumford's creative collaborator.

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