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Marketing campaigns have a lifespan. Farewell to the daily #besmartaboutart tip

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Marketing campaigns have a lifespan. Farewell to the daily #besmartaboutart tip

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One of the best ways to engage an audience via digital means is to create a marketing campaign that enables regular visibility. It reminds people you exist, all the while growing trust and credibility.

An good example has been my own ‘Daily #besmartaboutart tip’, the hashtag having first been used in 2010 when had my gallery. The addition of the word ‘daily’ resulted not only in regularity, but social accountability; I made certain to post a new tip every day. Delivering on promises is brilliant for building trust in others, and is vital for growing a small brand.

This concept is similar to regularly staged events, which can be excellent promotional and selling occasions. If you state that you’re staging a weekly salon (as I did in the gallery, and artists do in studios), you best stick to it. While achieving it week in, week out, builds trust, failing to honour your commitment can damage your brand as a reputable professional. If it’s unrealistic to hold the event every time, set expectations by instructing followers to check if it’s happening.

Other ongoing activities include blogging (such as this weekly one), newsletters (printed and online), magazines, and the like. Editions can also be quarterly or twice annually. Decide a realistic frequency that keeps your audience engaged and interested.

What happens then when you’ve had enough or no longer need it for your business? Do you just quit and say nothing? Or do you communicate to your audience, making a ‘BANG!’ in celebration of its end? In appreciation of the long-term commitment and dedicated supporters, go for the latter.

Today’s very blog post is a case in point, for it’s high time to bring the ‘Daily #besmartaboutart tip’ to a close. This campaign prompted me to post on Twitter day in, day out, in my formative social media days. However there is no longer any need for it. I provide insight on multiple social media platforms, Be Smart About Art was born as a result (people can read this blog series and social media feeds for insight) and my time is being invested in new social media platforms such as Periscope.

Accordingly, please join me in celebrating the end of the Daily #besmartaboutart tip! I will continue to use the hashtag in posts across platforms, and you, as a reader, are invited to use #besmartaboutart when you post a tip, article, video and the like that is insightful for art professionals. Not only does the hashtag live on with such posts, but also the resulting business continues to grow as a social enterprise, supporting art professionals around the globe.

How about you? Is it time to bring a regular activity to a close, or start planning for that day? Weigh up ongoing benefits and make a decision that’s right for your creative enterprise, ensuring that it goes out with a ‘BANG!’

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