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The results are in: CONFIDENCE for Creatives - What hurts? What helps?

written by: Susan Mumford Feb. 28, 2017 2) 1-2-1 Support: stories and inspiration 3040 views

The results are in: CONFIDENCE for Creatives - What hurts? What helps?

In January 2017, Be Smart About Art started a survey called CONFIDENCE for Creatives, and the responses came flooding in.

The resulting first-hand insight clearly informs what knocks confidence, as well as boosts it.

The various factors impacting confidence (good and bad alike) fall into two camps: 'INTERNAL' Forces and 'EXTERNAL' Forces. Watch the video below to learn more about what Tamara Gal-On, Business Coach for Creatives, has to say about Confidence for Creatives. Knowledge is Power, as the saying goes, and by identifying the internal and external forces that help and harm your self belief, you're positioned to start addressing them for the benefit of your life and career.   

To discover the survey results - and to see how familiar they are to your own life experiences, scroll down, below the video on this page. 

Ready to address confidence head on? Attend the forthcoming CONFIDENCE for Creatives Online Course (starting 1st November)!  


What knocks confidence?

  • Rejection (galleries, art prizes). 
  • Dialogue in your own head (this is often the result of comparing oneself to others, in terms of education, skills, artistic ability and 'success').
  • Dealing with money (including not having much of it). 
  • Not having enough time to get everything done.  

When do you feel you’re at your lowest?

  • Lack of sleep and self-care, and generally being stressed with too much to do, are most frequently cited. 

This quotation by one participant sums up the overall responses:
“When I'm overtasked with multiple odds and ends, particularly marketing, logistical details, and daily life stresses.”

What boosts confidence? 

  • Belief / endorsement from others. 
  • Having a community / supportive environment. 
  • Getting sleep / being well-rested. 
  • Getting plenty of exercise, also including meditation.
  • Life is balanced! 

When do you feel at your best? 

  • When in good health (which can be the result of taking care of oneself). 
  • While doing an event / exhibition.    

This quotation by one participant sums up the overall responses: 
"When I have time to think, time to absorb myself in my work, when I feel people around me respect and understand me and value my talent."

Sound familiar? 

The survey questions were entirely open, with no direction given whatsoever. Accordingly, we were amazed that the same answers kept coming in, from person after person. 

As a result, Susan Mumford, Art World Specialist and Founder of Be Smart About Art, and Tamara Gal-On have developed a course, CONFIDENCE for Creatives, that addresses the Internal and External Forces that have been confirmed, head on. The course provides tools to keep you on the right track to improve your confidence, resulting in moving forward in your career - whether you're just starting out or are established, ready for the next stage. 

This entirely online course kicks-off on 1st November 2017, with the finale Q+A happening in January 2018. A VIP option that includes one-to-one sessions with Susan and Tamara is included. 

See full details and book your place to join!

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