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Help people find your art biz with simple SEO

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Help people find your art biz with simple SEO

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Over the years, you’ve no doubt fine-tuned the way you search for things online. Rather than type a single word into a search engine, you make the search specific by using a combination of words. This makes the search more specific, and provides a better selection of results along the lines of what you’re seeking.

What about when other people are looking for the types of goods and services that you offer? What can you do to help them find you, without paying for advertising?

Take my own experience as a real-life example:

In the summer of 2013, Be Smart About Art published a post called "Want a formula for pricing art? Stop looking - they don't work." Within six months, I noticed the post had a very high number of page views compared. Wondering why, I looked into the website’s analytics, and there it was: internet users wanted to know how to price art and regularly included three keywords in their searches, notably "formula", "pricing" and "art". Together, they're what is called a keyword phrase.

What an eye-opener! This post is on is still on the first page in search engine results when looking for the three word combo.

This revealed the value of a blog post title – that is, if the URL includes words taken from the post’s title*. Talk about free and easy “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) optimization!

What's this mean for you? Be mindful of the titles you give posts and ensure that they’re displayed in the URL. Include words that are specific to what you do, specialisms you have, the location where you’re based or active, and so on. Be sure to analyze how people land on your site, noting keyword phrases that result in “hits” to your site. Successful keyword phrases can be used in multiple posts to help people find YOU.  

Pro Tips:

Whenever you build a new website or move a blog to a different platform, "map" old URLs so that they redirect to your new site. Otherwise, you have a risk of people finding your post, but clicking a dead link.

Another way to improve SEO is by associating “keywords” and “tags” with the post in the backend of the blog / site, as well as planting keywords throughout the post.

*Many website platforms will either automatically include the blog post title in the URL or at least present this as an option in the backend of the site (which either or your website designer / developer should be able to access). This also means that it’s important for each post to have its own page.

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