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VIDEO: Clarity of your creative practice - Tips for Professional Artists (video 2 of 10)

written by: Susan Mumford July 21, 2017 4) Videos 1541 views

VIDEO: Clarity of your creative practice - Tips for Professional Artists (video 2 of 10)

In advance of our forthcoming online course Making It As An Artist in the 21st Century (starting September 19th!), BSAA Founder Susan Mumford is presenting a 10-part video series. These 10 tips for professional artists form 10 key elements to not only surviving, but thriving, in a changing art world. 

After all, we're here to help you thrive in a changing art world :-). 

This segment, the second in the series, is all about Clarity of your Creative Practice

You'll learn how clarity, and effectively communicating it (in both the spoken and written word), feeds into effective promotion and creative practice alike. 

Press 'Play' below to watch the 5-minute video. 

Be sure to check out full details on Making It As An Artist in the 21st Century and freely register your place.  

More for Members: All BSAA Members who attend the course will receive a complimentary mentoring session with Susan Mumford, YAY.  

CLICK HERE to see full details on Making It As An Artist in the 21st Century online course, and freely register to join.


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Susan, excellent video. It is that time..getting the art world pitch finely tuned and ever ready for any questions in any circumstance that could be thrown at us. I know that I, and I think many artists, avoid or put off doing it simply because it's not an easy task. It seems one of the best ways really is to collect the bare essentials in note form and bring it along to a workshop where others will listen and comment. It is crucial to any professional artists practice.