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Launch events, business birthdays and avocados

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Launch events, business birthdays and avocados

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London is a city made of many villages. The one where I live has a thriving assortment of independent shops and cafes, with only a few places belonging to large chains.

As a gung-ho supporter of small, local business, I was delighted to see that an individual street-facing retail unit that's been empty since the 1960s (!) was becoming a boutique for houseplants & botanicals, accompanied by a service offering gardening work*.

After many months of refurbishment work (which included having the front covered by protective construction cladding that was used for a piece of collaborative street art by @deanio_x and @nathanbowenart), the start-up opened its doors to the public, with the name of Pearspring.

My other half Chris and I naturally popped in for a mosey as soon as we could. After browsing and deciding on a couple of items to purchase, we ended up in conversation with the two owners. We chatted about growing tomatoes, keeping out snails and all such things you discuss with a gardener**. This is when they handed us a printed invitation to their Opening Party, which was set to take place the following week.

Simple and genius. By holding the public launch party several weeks after the soft opening, they were able to effectively engage existing ambassadors (such as family, friends and loyal clients of the gardening service) and the local community, many of whom were new contacts (including newbie clients like ourselves).

As for making financial sense of the launch? Complimentary refreshments were on offer and everything in the shop was discounted by 10%. While I don't have the figures, my observation of the cash register being busy suggests that the event was a direct success, not to mention being an excellent way to deepen customer relationships and brand loyalty.

What about you? What projects, enterprises, and the like that you're working on could do with a festive launch? There can even be multiple occasions, ranging from the announcement of a future business to the celebration of one having started, like Pearspring. And enterprise parties don't stop there either, for the annual birthday of a business, studio, gallery, office and so on is yet another opportunity to have a party with ambassadors, clients and others.

As for making even more of such occasions? Document and share it at the time, with photo and video files giving you material to use in the months and years to come.

What projects or enterprise do you have that could do with some public celebration? Over to you to plan, make happen and record.  


*Notes on the business model, which I find fascinating:

It turns out that the retail shop is the result of having a booming gardening business. The shop is set to result in all the more business for the gardening service. This model offers goods and services alike, and also presents a combination of speculative and ongoing income.

When working with business owners and organisations, I always endeavour to develop a combination of goods and services, as well as line up ongoing revenue in addition to speculative offerings that, when successful, present a decent profit margin.

Want support on your own business model? Check out upcoming online courses via our Events page and also see our one-to-one programme with BSAA's Creative Specialists Programme.

**This is also when we discovered their method for growing avocados! See my Instagram post to see the reveal :-). 



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