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The role that artists play in the lives of others (often unknown)

written by: Susan Mumford Dec. 31, 2017 1) RECOMMENDED-> Susan's weekly blog post 941 views

The role that artists play in the lives of others (often unknown)

Many Sunday Digest readers (or listeners and watchers these days, with the podcast and videos to boot) know that I was brought up in small town America – specifically in a dry county in the state of Arkansas. It's an area known for having rich music heritage (hellllo Delta and Memphis blues). Music has certainly played an important role in my own life, from running around the house spinning to Mozart as a five-year-old, to crying to Tori Amos as a teenager. Music inspires, and known songs trigger memories. 

The passing of another musician who played an important role in my own life has taken my attention this week amongst travels (if I’m not careful, my suitcase will soon replace the handbag!). Today, I'm taking the opportunity to reflect upon the role that artists play in the lives of others.
The musician in question? Tom Petty.
While we could’ve published the originally planned blog post (for which I love Chris’s photographic concept, so keep an eye out for it next weekend), this edition of the Sunday Digest is a dedication to every single artist, facilitator of artists and creators in every which way (writers, speakers – you name it). You release your creations to the world, and they continue journeys often unbeknownst to you.
To reiterate... THANK YOU for bringing your unique creations to the world!
This special role that artists play is sometimes known, yet is more often unknown. Moreover, every viewer or listener has a unique interpretation of a piece of music or work of art, which results in a continuation of the original act of creation. In other words, creations mean different things to different people. As the saying goes, “Art is in the eye of the beholder.”  
A blog post that I penned three years ago, ‘How a Tom Petty song helped me pursue the career of my dreams,’ tells the story of how ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream’ became the theme tune when handing in the towel for the last full-time 'day job' I held. At the time - back in 2001, I’d play the song time and time again, gearing myself up to take the plunge and start a career in the art world. Admittedly, I still go back to that song from time to time, for I’m still pursuing the career of my dreams! 

Have a read of the full story and be inspired :-). 
Other tracks of Petty’s that spring to mind include ‘I Wont’ Back Down,’ ‘Alright for Now’ and ‘Time to Move On,’ just to name a few.
You can see how much he touched people with the hashtag #RIPTomPetty on Twitter. Also see Creativity has an important role to play in this crazy ole world, so don't forget it. 
What songs inspire you in your own pursuits? Add them as a comment on the original blog post! I’ll personally start by adding a recent one of my own: ‘Just Fine’ by Mary J. Blige.


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