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Art Dealers' Bootcamp 2018: Mentoring, Webinars and an Artist-Gallery Contract (accepting applications to 12th Sept 2018)

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Art Dealers' Bootcamp 2018: Mentoring, Webinars and an Artist-Gallery Contract (accepting applications to 12th Sept 2018)

Helping you to rock the many hats that you wear in a changing world.

The Art Dealers' Bootcamp, in its fifth year running, has been designed for art dealers who have a life-long learning mindset. The world of art dealing is changing at rapid pace, and if you're to succeed, being agile is key. 

Whether you're just starting out or have been going for a good few years, the course has been designed to support YOU. 

The program incorporates course feedback with observations of what type of professional support has the biggest impact.

The result is ALL of the following:
- 1-2-1 support tailored to your own needs; 
- LIVE webinars focusing on topics that impact the bottom line of your business, which are also some of the most sought-after topics; 
- LIVE webinars with specialists who are key suppliers to art dealers, whose insights will play out in your day to day business; and
- An artist-gallery / dealer contract that can be used according to your own needs. 


Is the course for you? 

- The course is designed for art dealers who have a life-long learning mindset. The world of art dealing is changing at rapid pace, and if you're to succeed, being agile is key. 
- Whether you're just starting out or have been going for a good few years, the course has been designed to support YOU. The 1-2-1 support will be catered to your individual needs, expert webinar speakers will provide insider insight into important areas for art dealers to understand, and LIVE webinars will enable having specific questions answered. 

"I found my sessions with Susan informative, inspiring, productive, and she gave me the confidence to continue my dream of running my own photography gallery with clear objectives and insight."
- Rachel Hotchkiss, Founder of The Artful Project

Note that the course is not suitable for artists.  


Monday 17th September (8-9.30am PDT / 11am-12.30pm EDT / 4-5.30pm BST):

Our experience is that art dealers miss opportunities to introduce services that clients seek which are in alignment with the business model. More than that, many services require minimal effort while yielding healthy profit margins. This session provides a focused opportunity to work ON income streams to introduce new business for existing clients (the easiest target for repeat sales) while also attracting new clients altogether. 

You'll also learn a new technique for forecasting sales, which applies to speculative (think: exhibitions) and project based work (think: custom commissions) alike.

Monday 1st October (8-9.30am PDT / 11am-12.30pm EDT / 4-5.30pm BST):
- Strategies for the psychology of selling, negotiating, following up and doing repeat business. 
- Selling from your own website and via third-party platforms.

Tired of buyers asking for hefty discounts? Wondering how to sell more online? 

This session will address specific scenarios often faced by art dealers, also providing an opportunity to trouble-shoot questions that you've found challenging to answer. Moreover, the psychology of prospective buyers (and introducers, such as interior designers) will be incorporated, to help you become an effective negotiator who people trust to come back for business time and time again. 

The LIVE webinar will also venture into the world of selling art online, considering the pros and cons of selling from your own website versus third-party sites. Key insights will be provided into what the varying platforms offer, who the target audiences are, how to increase online sales, and more. There will be plenty to learn and implement alike! 

Monday 29th October (9-10.30am PDT / 12-1.30pm EDT / 4-5.30pm GMT):
DIGITAL MARKETING... without a Masters' degree
- Website UX, social media, email marketing... plus networking and building your list ;-) 

The area of online marketing is so vast that, in today's world, many individuals get Masters' degrees in social media alone. So how are you, as a micro business owner, supposed to understand and make use of digital marketing for your enterprise? 

While you may not always do all of the doing in your business, it's important that you manage the differing departments, which requires a basic understanding of online marketing. As a qualified marketeer, Susan will introduce you to tools that can increase visibility and save time, help you understand the latest on integrations between platforms, and much more. This session will incorporate a website analysis, in combination with the creation of new hashtags for you to use (including branded and community hashtags, considering differing types of posts) and the putting together of a digital marketing calendar to incorporate social media, email marketing and more. This template will provide a launchpad for the months and years to come. 

While all the rage is digital these days, it's important to remember that much success depends on the building of your network. As someone who didn't know a single person in England when she arrived, and who has been profiled as a "prolific networker" by the Financial Times, Susan will provide key insight into building and engaging an audience - offline and online, in tandem, that delivers results. 

Note that specific questions on your individual use of digital marketing will be addressed in 1-2-1 sessions with Susan, depending on skill level. 

Monday 12th November (8-9.30am PST / 11am-12.30pm EST / 4-5.30pm GMT):

Ever feel like you have too much on your plate, and to make matters worse, that you're doing things that you needn't be doing? Whether there are technology solutions that you didn't know existed or it's time to bring additional help into the business, this session takes an expansive approach to growing your enterprise. 

Susan's been bringing in team members since neighbourhood days, when she roped in a neighbour for her leaf-raking service. Without his help, she wouldn't have been able to accept the job. How can you do the same in your art business, with tasks ranging from the creation and sending of social media posts to matching incoming payments to sales invoices? 

You'll be introduced to a selection of online platforms to use on your own as well as in collaboration with current and/or future team members, and will help you understand how to play to your strengths by building a team, even before you thought you were ready to grow (more). Get ready to think BIG! 

GUEST SPEAKER WEBINARS, facilitated by Susan J Mumford 
(dates to be confirmed):

Knowing your numbers – with Accountant & Business Advisor Keith Graham, Haines Watts

Using foreign exchange to save and make money – with Bobby Ward of Vorto

Minimising risk and protecting your business (important – trust us!) – with Adam Prideaux of Hallett Independent Art Insurance

Putting in place agreements & contracts with artists (and others) - overviewing the contract template available for your use, with Anthony Misquitta (this will be a pre-recorded conversation, designed to enable you to make use of the contract straightaway) 

All webinars will facilitate questions throughout, providing event more insight.

  • Between September - December, you'll get to partake in suite of three x 1-2-1 sessions of 50 minutes each - online or face-to-face (plus pre-session questionnaire to get your thinking going)
  • In January, you'll have a final mentoring session with Susan in association with the course, to kick-off the new calendar year with gusto - and a plan! 
  • Frequent topics include: working with artists; understanding which art fairs are right for you (exhibiting vs visiting); marketing and press; selling art; business models; growing teams; and much, much more (!). 

  • This comprehensive contract template is being designed especially for the course by Anthony Misquitta, which is worth thousands £ $ !;
  • It considers various needs of art dealers with differing business models, the idea being that you can pick and choose the elements that are applicable for your enterprise, as well as individual situations; 
  • You'll be able to make ongoing use of the contract for the months and years to come;
  • The general terms of the contract, including specific areas being covered, will be applicable regardless of jurisdiction (you'll need to add 'boilerplate' such as which jurisduction the contact is under, to your own versions of the contract).

  • Just as the graduates from previous years will have access to the 2018 webinars and online resources, you'll equally have access to bootcamp webinars and online resources in the years to come :-). 

For whom is the Art Dealers Bootcamp? 
Art dealers (any gender, age, nationality!) who are serious about learning, accompanied by taking action. You might just be starting, or you might have been going for a few years. 

For whom is the Art Dealers Bootcamp NOT
People who want to be handed success on a platter... This isn't how the 'real world' works! 
It's also NOT for artists (though we've had some apply).

What types of art dealers does the course support? 
Primary market, secondary market, bricks 'n mortar gallerists, online gallerists, art consultants / advisors, artist agents and independent curators. 

Rest assured, Be Smart About Art offers a 100% money-back guarantee. This applies to individuals who have fully completed the full course.