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Tips for being an art world traveller: Part III of III

written by: Susan J Mumford Oct. 14, 2018 1) RECOMMENDED-> Susan's weekly blog post 1334 views

Tips for being an art world traveller: Part III of III

Tips for being an art world traveller: Part III of III 

The first two posts in this this three-part series focused on preparation, which goes to show, as with so many things, that it’s what you do ahead of time that makes all the difference. 

The bulk of this piece was written on a trans-Atlantic flight, which includes some amusing in-the-moment commentary. Enjoy :-). 

Note: This article is the second of a three-part series on traveling, and if you haven’t yet read the first post in this three-part series, take a look: 
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Part III: En route and upon arrival  

1. If you’re travelling to a new time zone, mentally and physically change to it upon arriving at the airport (except still make your flight!). 

What does this mean? Change your watch (not smartphones that will automatically adjust upon arrival) and eat according to where you’re heading. This can mean having breakfast instead of lunch or vice versa at the airport. It can also impact what you buy at the airport to take onto the plane…

2. Eat according to the new time zone on the plane! 

I emphasise this as airlines are frankly terrible at this. They feed you according to the previous time zone which is not helpful. 

At the time of writing - nearing the end of the trans-Atlantic trip,, I’ve not yet eaten the “breakfast” that was served five hours ago. At the time, I enjoyed lunch which I purchased from the airport, as it was correct for the new time zone. I did however accept food that was being served on the plane, which was the frittata, as that could feasibly be a dinner option, and will be having it in fifteen minutes. 

(Update: I’ve had the frittata however avoided the next “meal” - which one flight attendant once more described as “breakfast”! That was an unappealing cream cheese filled pretzel. You might want to join me in avoiding salad dressings and juices on planes too, as they typically have high fructose corn syrup. Another no-no in my books is alcohol, owing to it making you even more dehydrated.)

Only half an hour ago, I put serious consideration to tea options, and despite the temptation for a refreshing Genmaicha (green) tea (carried alongside the reusable cup), opted for caffeine-free Rooibos - also from my own stash. Whereas green tea would have been okay in the former timezone, the one to which I’m now adjusting is past the 4 o’clock caffeine cut-off. 

This method works so well that a few years ago, I was genuinely perplexed when my other half mentioned by text the meal that he was having. “Lunch? What?” Then the penny dropped: I had already mentally shifted into New York mode! 

3. Bring something yummy to eat on the plane, whether it’s a full meal or a special treat. 

Some serious travellers swear by never eating airplane food and always getting your meals from the airport food court. My take is that it depends on the airline. 

In today’s case, I bought a sandwich, banana and coffee, which were combined with some of the in-flight food items as described above. The sandwich was immediately eaten upon boarding as it was lunchtime in the UK. The coffee was a welcome treat and also helped with the early awakening (which also served to get onto the new timezone). The banana was a nourishing afternoon snack.

And goodness, the time that a friend gave me home-made cake that was saved for the plane made me feel like a queen who was dining amongst the gods! 

4. Be sure to leave some down-time in your calendar. 

While it can be tempting to fill every minute on a business trip, there are plenty of reasons to not do so, whether it’s buying clothes that better suit the weather or that you forgot to bring something. This also enables exploring new places, arranging meetings on the ground, spotting locations you’d like to visit and more. And hey, how about getting some rest if you need? You'll get the most out of travelling when you're well rested. 

5. Familiarise yourself by using local transport while also looking after yourself

I learned the hard way that, as much as I LOVE using public transport to get into the vibe of a new location, sometimes it’s worth the investment to get a taxi. What you do depends on multiple factors, from your budget to your physical state. The longer the trip, the more likely it is that you’re going to need to be gentle on your body. Think about this in advance and do pay attention to how you’re feeling upon arrival. Travelling is tiring, and the most two important things to look after are your health and safety. 

Have your own travel tips? Add them in the comments below.


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