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Celebrating business birthdays... because you're worth it!

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Celebrating business birthdays... because you're worth it!

The date of this blog post’s publication is a special one: it’s the Sunday Digest blog’s sixth birthday. That’s an entire six years’ production of a weekly blog (or sometimes vlog) post on a Sunday, missing perhaps one Sunday a year to take a festive break or do an occasional round-up of posts. This also means that there are now more than 300 Sunday Digest posts. BOOM! 

Whereas I’ve watched other entrepreneurs’ celebrations of business birthdays and the like over the years, I have a confession: I’ve dithered for YEARS about Be Smart About Art’s actual birthday, which might resonate with some readers. Whereas this weekly edition is always the last Sunday of November, some business or project birthdays aren’t as obvious. 

What do you consider to be the start date and year of your own business / project? After many years’ contemplation on the subject, I have an insight to offer: 

YOU, and only you, decide this.

Here’s how I personally answered the question in regards to Be Smart About Art’s business birthday, which might help blog readers who are facing the same conundrum… 

The Be Smart About Art brand was born in January 2012, which is also when I started to pay someone 2-4 hours’ a week to run a social media campaign. This was swiftly followed by the inaugural BSAA talk at a gallery, which took place in late February. The company itself was set up in September that same year, after the testing of events and ongoing 1-2-1 consulting confirmed that the concept was viable. 

So then, when was BSAA’s birthday: January, February or September? Not having the answer resulted in never celebrating. Boo! At least I’ve made a point of mentioning the blog birthday over time, which has become increasingly meaningful as the years have passed. 

Much like a personal birthday, a business or project birthday presents an opportunity to gather people, blow up balloons, eat cake – you name it. Moreover, it’s a worthwhile prompt to take stock when reaching another annual milestone. 

And hey, if you consider the statistics of small businesses surviving, making a song and dance of still going is worth making loud and clear! According to fundera*, “20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small business fail in their second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business. Finally, 30% of small business owners fail in their 10th year in business.”

What will you do upon reaching the next birthday of your enterprise or a special project? Give it some thought and make something of it! As for what to do if you’re dithering about what that date is, you know that it’s up to no one else but you to find the answer.  

As for BSAA’s next business birthday… The date has been determined as 27th February and we’re already brewing up ideas for the next one . 

Enjoy celebrating milestones – you’re worth it! 

p.s.: A top tip is to add these professional birthdays – like personal ones, to your calendar. If using a digital calendar, make the occasions repeated, annual events, and even set a reminder for a few weeks prior. 

p.p.s.: Think that the two cakes in the picture look home-made? They are, made by the birthday girl herself ;-). 


*What percentage of small businesses fail? by Georgia McIntyre, published in fundera. Last updated November 15, 2018.   

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