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Planning ahead for seasonal opportunities

written by: Susan J Mumford Dec. 2, 2018 1) RECOMMENDED-> Susan's weekly blog post 1933 views

Planning ahead for seasonal opportunities

Do you ever come across a seasonal gift that someone has come up with and think, “I could do that!”? Getting out and about to see what other people are during the festive season, as well as observing what offers come into your inbox and on social media - not to mention taking note of offerings during other holidays around the year, can be greatly beneficial for your long-term offerings. 

I’ve been impressed by some artists who are having great success with holiday cards, calendars, tea towels (seriously!), prints and more. This weekend, I’ve seen many such items at open studios and an artists & makers market. While the open studios saw a downturn in traffic thanks to wet and blustery weather, the artists & makers market seemingly benefitted. (My analysis on turn-out is that going from house to house is no fun in the rain and wind, yet going into one big hall that’s centrally located is much more desirable - especially when tea and coffee and are available).

At this stage in the season – being the first weekend in December, it’s by and large too late to make an offering based on something that you’ve seen someone else doing. Yet that’s not to stop you from getting inspiration and having ample time to develop your own offering for this time next year. The key to success is two-fold: 1) taking advantage of this time to see what others are doing and 2) making certain that you do something about the idea, thereby reaping the rewards of advance planning! 

Consider one artist who I was advising only a few days ago. She has a set of twelve three-dimensional pieces that would be ideal for an art calendar. Though she’s not going to make a calendar in time for this season, the festive time of year sparked the idea and now she knows one thing that she’ll be preparing to have on offer at an annual fair next November. Talk about advance planning of a 2020 calendar . 

The reality is that when you’re in immersed in an annual occasion that offers opportunities for specific products & services, you’re able to see what’s doing well, what inspires you and what you already have that would translate well. You also might spot some gaps in the market. It makes for ideal concept generation, to bring something to life the same time the following year.  

It’s the same with the creation of products and other offerings for repeated occasions such as the festive period (Christmas / Hanukkah / Winter Solstice), Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. By actively noticing what’s working that inspires you with your own ideas, make a plan now, and when it comes time to get started, you’ll know what to do with ample time to make a success of it.


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