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#ArtBizBootcamp 2020 > Up your game with our signature 10-month online course

written by: Susan J Mumford Aug. 30, 2019 6) BSAA Events, Announcements & Opportunities 7380 views

#ArtBizBootcamp 2020 > Up your game with our signature 10-month online course

With months to go before arriving at the next calendar year, we're already getting excited about the next edition of our signature online course, designed to support your career as an artist, dealer, artist-curator or creative pursuit.

Why the excitement? 

Seeing the awesomeness of the 2019 cohort including the career results they're experiencing!

What's it entail? 

> 9 x core modules - each with an accompanying LIVE webinar facilitated by BSAA Founder Susan J Mumford and official Course Coach & Course Completer-Finisher Deborah "Debs" Henry-Pollard, 
> 6 x masterclasses that take deep dives on specific topics,
> An artist-gallerist exhibition / consignment-based contract (with accompanying explanatory video to help you rock great events and relationships), and 
> A private Facebook Group for participants.

Plus we're anticipating meet-ups where there are clusters of attendees, so be sure to spread the word in your area! 

What happens after the course? 

We're creating an #ArtBizBootcamp alumni program. Watch this space!

Providing you're keen to travel through 2020 together in the company of peers while upping your creative career to boot, register your interest by completing this form. Note that your answers are confidential and will not be shared outside of Be Smart About Art Ltd.

Your course investment: 
One-time registration + course subscription

Registration > £50 / $65 USD / 55 Euros > Early sign-ups will get freebies! 
Course > 10 x monthly subscription payments of £44.50 / $55 USD / 50 Euros