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One-to-One Training and Mentoring Programme with Susan Mumford

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One-to-One Training and Mentoring Programme with Susan Mumford

Are you seeking insight from an art world veteran who understands the industry inside out?

Would you like an ‘accountability partner’ who will support you to keep on track of goals?

Do you want someone-in-the-know who can advise on challenges and obstacles?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, One-to-One training and mentoring with Susan Mumford could be exactly what you need to take your career to the next level.

Susan is an art world expert, trainer, mentor, public speaker and creative entrepreneur. Her mission is to help people who run creative enterprises – like YOU - survive & thrive.

She works with professionals at all stages ranging from emerging to established, and focuses on mid-career professionals. She provides support for creative and professional development.

Popular topics include:

  • Developing Your Business As A Creative (Going Pro, gallery & self-representation, pricing and selling art and services, diversifying income streams, increasing profitability)
  • Increasing Confidence & Building Credibility (getting essential experience, talking about art and your practice, learning how to display that you are a trustworthy ‘brand’)
  • Promoting Your Practice and Growing An Audience (building an online presence, creating a marketing plan, developing and engaging an audience, developing social media strategy & focus)
  • Dealing With Tricky Situations (negotiating conversations and relationships, understanding the psychology of communication
  • Planning (time management, focusing on priorities, goal-setting)
  • …and much more!

Each session is catered to your own specific needs and goals, essential to support, boost and fine-tune your ongoing creative and professional development.

Please make an enquiry about working with Susan by emailing the BSAA Team at .

“Susan is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She makes everyone feel they can do this and be successful in the art business!”  

Emma Broughton, Artist, London

“Susan Mumford, no matter what the subject is, makes me want to go and do it! Inspirational.”

-Gallerist, London

The programme is available both in-person and online; the choice is yours!

Is doing One-to-One work with Susan right for you?

If you want someone else to do the work for you, then this programme is not for you.

On the other hand, if you are open to learning and taking action, then YES, it is definitely for you!


Register your interest now:

Email or call +44 (0) 20 7748 5212 to express your interest.


Would you like to pay over time?

The Power Package and 6-month Mentoring Programme can be paid in two parts, or once a month throughout the programme. We will confirm the best option for you when you get in touch.


From time to time, candidates will be asked to complete an application to proceed with the One-to-One Programme. If you have any doubt that mentoring is right for you, please request an application to complete. Be Smart About Art will only approve applications for individuals who are suited to enroll.

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