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Contemplating crowdfunding as an entrepreneur or investor? Post

You’ve no doubt witnessed the rising popularity of crowdfunding. According to Google, it’s the ‘practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.’ With banks increasingly conservative about lending decisions, government budgets squeezed and an ever more internet-savvy public, this relatively new solution to traditional ...

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Art Prizes: The view of a judge Post

Art prizes, juried exhibitions, open submissions… whatever the term, the role that these events can play in getting artists in front of their idea audience (think: gallerists, curators, buyers, interior designers, other artists, leaders of arts organisations, etc) is noteworthy. It goes without saying that applying to opportunities that are a good match for yourself / your artist is a ...

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Ever feel trapped in your own world? Post

The end of a calendar year, like the approach to a big birthday, often prompts a reflective period.What were you doing this time last year, or this time in your previous decade?What have you done since that time?What’s different from what you would have anticipated?Has anything happened that’s changed your perspective on life or aims?As much as you might have ...

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Planning ahead for seasonal opportunities Post

Do you ever come across a seasonal gift that someone has come up with and think, “I could do that!”? Getting out and about to see what other people are during the festive season, as well as observing what offers come into your inbox and on social media - not to mention taking note of offerings during other holidays around ...

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Celebrating business birthdays... because you're worth it! Post

The date of this blog post’s publication is a special one: it’s the Sunday Digest blog’s sixth birthday. That’s an entire six years’ production of a weekly blog (or sometimes vlog) post on a Sunday, missing perhaps one Sunday a year to take a festive break or do an occasional round-up of posts. This also means that there are now ...

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Is it plugged in? Is it switched on? Post

The other day, I was running a webinar when the following message appeared on the computer screen: “Time Machine backup failed.” Oh no! I immediately messaged BSAA’s tech guru - also the blog photographer, Chris, to give him a heads-up. This followed a whole host of other things having gone wrong with the computer earlier in the day, so my mind immediately ...

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"Browsing, or looking for something?" The impact of asking smart questions. Post

“Are you browsing or looking for something particular?” asked the friendly Eastern European man who works at a local antiques shop at the weekend. I responded with, “browsing, thank you,” and thought to myself, “What a smart question!” He left me to have a look at my leisure. His words had not been randomly assembled in that moment. They were considered, ...

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Building a community (and having fun while at it) Post

Not long ago, I met an artist who has lived for the last couple of years in my new-to-me hometown. During that conversation, I joked that I’d developed more of a community in three months than in six years in a London village (many people consider the UK capital to be comprised of multiple ‘villages’). The artist and his friend ...

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The importance of experimentation Post

Are you thinking about starting a new project, making a book or print edition, or pursuing some other creative product or service? If it’s going to require time and financial investment, be sure to do two things before overcommitting yourself: run the idea past others and conduct an experiment.In the period after conceiving a new idea, you’ll likely be excitedly ...

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Don't over-explain Post

Don't over-explain

Oct. 21, 2018

What do you do if it’s time to bring a working relationship to a close, leave a job and the like? You give notice and most often have a conversation.The question is this: How much do you explain?Most often, it’s best to go with the philosophy that less is more. While you can express in detail the reasons for making ...

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