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Is your career flying or are you a fraud? Post

If you, like many other human beings, sometimes have a voice in your head doubting that you were correctly chosen for an opportunity (examples: show, commission, talk, job, etc), you are likely experiencing the Impostor Syndrome. Here’s a quick summary of Impostor Syndrome from Wikipedia*: “Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a psychological pattern ...

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'Art Is Your Life. Make It Your Living. - a book for creative professionals Post

Lift the veil of the art world today in this one of a kind book which gives a unique insight into how to establish yourself as an art world professional. The first two years’ worth of stories from a popular, entertaining and visually compelling blog have been compiled into a book that will entertain and inform industry insiders at all ...

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Entrepreneur versus business owner: Does the difference matter? Post

When starting out as an art dealer, I set up shop as a business owner. Years later, I uncovered my entrepreneurial nature and ultimately followed where it  lead me. So then, what’s the difference between business owner and entrepreneur? And do you have to be entrepreneurial to be a business owner today? The answers are not black & white, and I’m going ...

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How to be smart about GDPR and PECR... for (micro and small) art world businesses Post

Prefer to listen instead of read? Play the podcast version of this blog post:  ----------As a social enterprise that was set up with enduring passion to support creative folks do what they love, profitable and sustainably alike, we’ve put together a checklist with explanations for artists, gallerists and other micro business owners in the art world.While we don’t profess to ...

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PODCAST: You needn't take every opinion on your art to heart Post

[SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST ON ITUNES]About this episode: This week's episode tells the story of an artist who started doubting himself when a curator informed him that his painting’s weren’t ‘art.’ It ends on a happy note. Hint: believe in yourself.-----------    Press 'Play' and enjoy:               

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How do you forecast sales? Post

I still recall the moment I learned how to forecast art exhibitions. I was seated in my rooftop gallery in Soho, London, alongside someone new to the business: a financial whiz who supported SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).  He presented… drum roll… an excel spreadsheet (INSERT EMOJI). Though instead of being full of formulas and going over multiple pages, it ...

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PODCAST: Always Have a Plan B (for you can't easily manage an art fair from hospital) Post

[SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST ON ITUNES]About this episode: This week's episode recalls a time that I was admitted into hospital instead of boarding a plane to exhibit at an art fair. The lessons were invaluable. -----------    Press 'Play' and enjoy:             

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How do you know if an opportunity is right for you? Post

There’s something that happens once you become visible and start making an impact: you get approached for ‘opportunities’. I don’t know how many times artist mentees have emailed to ask about whether or not to do this, that or the other fair or show. Some events provide ample benefits, whereas others are mainly trying to extract money from you.At the ...

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Competition for the #ArtDealersBootcamp // Apply by 24th June Post

THIS YEAR'S ART DEALERS' BOOTCAMP COMBINES 1-2-1 SESSIONS WITH SUSAN J MUMFORD AND WEBINARS WITH SUSAN AND GUEST SPEAKERS, DESIGNED TO MAKE IMPACT ON YOUR ENTERPRISE. Take advantage of submitting an application to win awards towards this year's competition (which also serves as your application to attend the program): CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATIONWinners will receive one of three awards (details ...

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PODCAST: Turning commission disasters into done deals (oh the value of agents) Post

[SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST ON ITUNES]About this episode: This episode tells a real-life story of a time when my role as an artist agent saved the day with a painting commission.-----------    Press 'Play' and enjoy:           

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