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Who sits behind the desk at your shows? Post

As someone who’s keen to look after the essential mechanism that is otherwise known as my body, I frequently go on long walks with my other half, Chris. This results in all sorts of new discoveries, and recently we stumbled upon a secondhand furniture shop.Naturally we decided to have a look. The space was long and narrow, with a single ...

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Knowledge. Is. Power. Post

Knowledge. Is. Power.

Jan. 7, 2018

At the time of writing, we’re only one week into the new year and I’m thinking back to some good ole sorting done over the holidays. Whereas I’m normally State-side seeing family, this time around I stayed put in London – and wow, did some paperwork sorting get done!The exercise resulted in reflecting upon the concept of Knowledge is Power, ...

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The role that artists play in the lives of others (often unknown) Post

Many Sunday Digest readers (or listeners and watchers these days, with the podcast and videos to boot) know that I was brought up in small town America – specifically in a dry county in the state of Arkansas. It's an area known for having rich music heritage (hellllo Delta and Memphis blues). Music has certainly played an important role in my ...

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PODCAST: No business cards? No problem. Aim for something different. - with Susan J Mumford Post

[SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST ON ITUNES]About this 4-minute episode: This week's episode provides ideas for exchanging details with other people when out and about, whether or not you have business cards to hand.  Press 'Play' and Enjoy:  

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27 Misconceptions and Myths About the Art World (and counting...) Post

From artists not being buyers to gallerists being in the profession for the $, there are a copious number of misconceptions and myths about the art world.Have are 27 examples to get you started, accompanied by my replies. Add your own in the comments at the bottom of this blog post!Misconception: Only rich people buy art.Reality: People who love art ...

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Making a difference this festive season Post

In the picture: It was snowing in London the day we got our tree! A minimum of £5 is donated to St. Christopher's Hospice for each tree purchased. As of 10th December, more than £32,000 had been raised (by this and similar locations across the country), and their aim before 25th December is £40,000. Goes to show that a little ...

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Will reproduction prints or the licensing of images de-value originals? Post

Having been asked this question more times than I have fingers or toes to count, not to mention that ‘value’ is a subject of great interest, it’s high time that this blog series, now five years of age (time flies when having fun!) addresses the question.There are two specific instances that come to mind when artists have asked me about ...

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Getting introductions from existing clients Post

It’s said that it’s easiest to sell to your existing clients. This makes sense, as they already know, like and trust you, and are confident of the wonderful experience that you provide.  How then do you get referrals from existing clients?A person’s close community often includes those with shared interests who have similar economic means. Accordingly, it’s likely that your ...

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VIDEO: Tour of the National Open Art 2017! Led by Susan J Mumford Post

The 21st edition of The National Open Open Art has opened, featuring the works of approximately 200 artists. (This includes a small selction of impressive pieces created by children!)As Be Smart About Art is a sponsor of the 2017 exhibition, offering the Be Smart About Art Award (providing the winner £500 towards the BSAA programme, including mentoring, coaching, memberhsip and more) ...

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PODCAST: "Does the presentation of (sublime) art entice the world to visit? Not quite" - with Susan Mumford Post

[SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST ON ITUNES]About this 5-minute episode: This week's episode recalls a time that I received an ineffective invitation to an art show that could've easily been rectified. This symbolises a key component of planning and staging exhibitions in the busy current day.  Press 'Play' and Enjoy:  

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