Be Smart About Art

Create Your Business Model Canvas - for Artists + Creative Entrepreneurs

Central London event - followed by evening networking

Date: April 28, 2017, 3:15 p.m. - April 28, 2017, 5:45 p.m. UK time (see time converter)

Location: Westbury Accountants | 145-157 St John Street, 2nd Floor | London EC1V 4PY
Tube: Farringdon

Speakers: Deborah Henry-Pollard

Price: From £55 (workshop only) to £175 (with follow-up one-to-one)

Develop Your Business Plan, Creatively! 

Do you... 

Have a creative practice, but no professional plan for how you're career's developing or where it's going?

Wrestle with assigning monetary value to creative output, including talking about money with others?

Think in pictures, not words, and certainly not in spreadsheets?

Want to work out what you already have going for you, in addition to what needs to be done to have a viable art business?

If you've answered 'Yes' to any of those questions, this 2 hour workshop that brings together a creative approach to planning to help you move your business forward is for YOU! 

The Business Model Canvas is a tool to help you understand the basics of your business, to provide clarity and direction.

  • The model encompasses:  
  • Identifying your clients, potential clients and other audiences
  • Understanding how to reach the above audiences;
  • Outlining who can help you,
  • Clarifying resources needed;
  • Working out how to pay for what you need;
  • Determining where your money comes from (and how to price your offerings). 

Learn how to map your creative practice using this simple model that makes common sense (for immediate use and in future), to help you to see where you are in the creative career journey, work out where the gaps are and what support you may need.

The Business Model Canvas is used by individual artists and art dealers, not to mention global corporations, too!

And better yet, ss it lives on only one page, you can keep the plan in front of you, edit it as your situation changes and pin the evolving plan on the wall as a working document to guide you over the weeks, months and years to come.

Begin your own plan in the workshop which you can develop and use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to move you into action and help keep you on track.

During this professional development workshop, you'll learn about the Business Model Canvas and spend time developing your own. This includes working as a group (of six), working in tandem and gleaning ideas from one another. 


2.15pm Arrival, registration and networking
2.45pm Introduction to the Business Model Canvas
3.05pm Individually begin writing business plan
3.25pm Group sharing of plans and feedback
4.30pm Q&A
4.45pm Close

*The course is limited to 6 people, so everyone has the opportunity for individual feedback.*

By booking to attend this afternoon session, you receive complimentary entry to our evening networking event at Gallery 286 in Earl's Court. See full details

Also, you have access to a follow-up one-to-one session with workshop facilitator Deborah Henry-Pollard, who will troubleshoot your plan with you, as well as provide business coaching to support you in your developing career.  


Business Model Canvas and Post-It notes supplied by tutor.

Please bring coloured pens / pencils if you like to think visually!


About Deborah Henry-Pollard:

 She coaches creative people, helping them discover that the skills and imagination which feed creative work can also support their businesses. She has 30 years' experience of creating strategies across the arts, charity and retail sectors and brings this expertise to helping her clients find their own solutions.