Be Smart About Art

Meet the Artists...

at The Rooftop Collective exhibition ‘Viewpoints’

Date: April 21, 2018, 2 p.m. - April 21, 2018, 5 p.m. UK time (see time converter)

Location: Espacio Gallery
159 Bethnal Green Road
E2 7DG

Speakers: N/A

Price: Free

‘ Viewpoints ’ - A series of artistic conversations  

A curated collection of photographic & artworks by six photographers and six artists

This sixth show of the Rooftop Collective (est. 2010) showcases work by members: Chris King, Paul Clifford, Toby Deveson, Tom Owens, Graham Matthews & Jeremy Johns: along with selected artists chosen to pair up with each photographer: Judith Burrows, Consuelo Simpson, Annamarie Dzendrowskyj, Susan Clare, Michael Wallner & Lesley James.

About the Rooftop Collective: 

Started on the rooftops of Soho in 2010, this group of photographers works together to support and challenge one another in mutual pursuit of ongoing creative and professional development. Today, the group is powered by Be Smart About Art, whose motto is ’Art is your life. Make it your living’

The exhibition presents a variety of works from sublime landscapes to dynamic portraiture, executed with a range of cameras and techniques, allowing an immersive experience into contemporary photography and art today. The artists find unity by working principally from both London and everyday local surroundings allowing the formation of an ongoing dialogue and providing the opportunity to share and respond to each other’s thoughts and ideas. 

Anna McNay, Guest Curator, who has worked closely with each pairing, writes -

“Take any one object of study and no two persons’ perceptions of it will ever be exactly the same. We each have our own, unique viewpoint on everything around us. A dialogue becomes fruitful, imparting knowledge from one party to the other, when each participant draws out further aspects of the subject, perhaps overlooked by their partner”.