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Talk, Tour + Networking at the exhibition Indochine Scenes: Vietnamese and French Paintings from the 1900s, part of Asian Art in London 2018

London event for art world professionals

Date: Nov. 9, 2018, 6:30 p.m. - Nov. 9, 2018, 8:30 p.m. UK time (see time converter)

Location: Guy Peppiatt / Stephen Ongpin Gallery | 6 Mason’s Yard | Duke Street | St James’s | London SW1Y 6BU

Transport: Tube: Green Park or Piccadilly Circus

Accessibility: We are sorry but we cannot guarantee that this gallery is wheelchair accessible.

Speakers: Susan J Mumford

Price: Members go free | Non-Members 8.50 GBP early bird (until Monday 5 November @ 12pm), 9.95 GBP full ticket inc on-the-door

#besmartaboutart networking is a monthly opportunity to meet artists, curators & other art world peers, view exhibitions and spaces, and expand knowledge – creative and professional alike!


In November, Be Smart About Art will celebrate Asian Art in London with Vietnamese Contemporary Fine Art by visiting Indochine Scenes: Vietnamese and French Paintings from the 1900s, curated by international gallerist Raquelle Azran. She will provide insight into works on display as well as presentadditional works - specifically selected for this event, by Vu Thu Hien and Dinh Thi Tham Poong, two Vietnamese women artists who have enjoyed international success. These pieces illustrate how the fusion of East and West continues to play a major role in contemporary Vietnamese fine art. This occasion promises to be deliciously informative and enjoyable for all in attendance.  


About the exhibition:

Indochine, the French colonial region including present day Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, was founded in 1887 and lasted until the defeat of the French forces at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. During these seven decades, the French were active in promoting 'La Mission Civilisatrice' - the spread of French culture, especially architecture and fine art, throughout the region. Hanoi, as the capital of Indochine, enjoyed special attention. Thanks to the inspiration of two French painters, Victor Tardieu and Joseph Inguimberty, the Ecole Des Beaux Arts d'Indochine (EBAI) was founded in Hanoi in 1924. Additional French painter-travellers, enthralled by the landscapes and feminine beauty, joined the school and together with local Vietnamese artists, forged the unique fusion which characterises Vietnamese fine art up to and including the present.

A first encounter with Vietnamese art evokes surprise as well as delight. Familiar mediums, such as oil, gouache and watercolor, join with distinctly Asian motifs and spatial concepts. Stylistic elements of Impressionism, Expressionism, figurative art, Cubism and Fauvism intermingle with purely traditional Vietnamese themes of emotional experience and spiritual values as represented by the village, the buffalo and ancient dances. The juxtaposition of handmade paper, woodblock prints and traditional lacquer painting with contemporary artistic techniques bridges the temporal worlds of past, present and future, while spanning the cultural divide between the East and West.

The exhibition includes work by French peintres voyageurs (painter-travellers) including  Marie-Antoinette Boullard-Devé (1890-1970), ​​​​​​Marcel Bernanose (1884-1952) and Louis Rollet (1895-1988); a selection of mid-century Vietnamese paintings on paper, silk, lacquer and canvas; and works by renowned 20th century Vietnamese artists Le Pho, Luu Cong Nhan, Nguyen Tu Nghiem, Phung Pham and Vinh Phoi.


Exhibition runs: 3 – 10 November

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About Raquelle Azran


Raquelle Azran is a collector, curator and gallerist who has specialised in Vietnamese contemporary fine art since 1991.


As a curator and gallerist:

Ms Azran has curated gallery and museum exhibitions in New York, London, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Hanoi, The Hague, Amsterdam, and Washington, D.C., and each year, she participates in Asian Art in London. Recent themed shows include Nudes and Narratives from the Mekong, Harmonies of Space and Time, and Worlds of Paper and Wood. Museum exhibitions include Here and Hereafter, Vietnamese Vibes, and Women Painters, Painted Women. Her exhibitions have been featured in the International Herald Tribune and The Times (London), and Of This and Other Worlds was selected by The Guardian (London) as one of the five best exhibitions in London in 2007.


She also participates in fairs in multiple international locations, including London, Brussels, Paris, Hamburg, Milan, Stockholm, New York and Palm Beach. Furthermore, she serves as consultant to foreign embassies, art institutions, corporate clients and collectors.


As a private collector:

Ms Azran lends pieces from her private collection for museum shows.


As a specialist in Vietnamese art:

She writes and lectures (English, French and Hebrew) on Vietnamese contemporary fine art worldwide. Recent media interviews and reviews include Artnews, Artists and Illustrators, Vietnam Television Culture Magazine, The Tao Van Hoa, Tien Phong Chu Ngot, and Viet Nam News.


Find out more:


About the Event:


With arrivals from at 6.30-6.45pm, we will gather all attendees to hear Ms Raquelle Azran speak about the exhibition and her experiences with Vietnamese art. This will be followed by Susan J Mumford, Founder of Be Smart About Art, who will provide three top networking tips designed for professionals in the field. There will be plenty of opportunity for mixing and mingling, as well as the viewing of art on display.


Note that arrivals are welcome at any time between 6.30pm – 8.30pm

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