Be Smart About Art

3 steps to succeed as an art dealer today: Hands-on workshop + tools to use

Presented by Trans-Atlantic Art Business Advisors

Date: Sept. 20, 2018, 1:15 p.m. - Sept. 20, 2018, 3:30 p.m. UK time (see time converter)

Location: Ivy Brown Gallery | 675 Hudson Street | New York, NY 10014

Speakers: Susan J Mumford

Price: $43-$58

Ever find that you’re doing so much that you don’t know where to start? Do you sometimes feel stuck in the engine room running at full throttle, when you’d rather be standing on the deck, working ON the enterprise while pursuing the activities that you got you into the business in the first place?

Welcome to the life of many art dealers today… and yet, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With too many gallerists and advisors ending up in reactive mode, this workshop has been specifically designed to help you shift into proactive mode.

Consider these scenarios:

  • An email arrives in the inbox and you reply – instead of working on the other task that you’d intended to do.
  • The email inbox gets clogged up by unwanted messages and spam, and you manually delete each message.
  • Others get in touch to arrange meetings when you already have too much on your plate, and you oblige, to be nice.

Sound familiar?

In this workshop with Art Business Advisors Winston Peters (MyÜberLife Consulting Group) and Susan J Mumford (Association of Women Art Dealers, Be Smart About Art), you will attain insight into three core components of developing a sustainable business that will help you to get out of the engine room and onto the deck, with tools to develop your enterprise in the months and years to come:

Step 1: Clarifying the WHY of your business (think: mission, vision and brand values).

: New / updated mission and vision statement drafts accompanied by a brand value draft document.

You’ll have renewed clarity, motivation and targets. The results will better enable you to delegate to current and/or future team members. Furthermore, you’ll have a start to statements that will provide prospects confidence to do business with you.

Step 2: Building your Business Model Canvas.

: A living document that you can continue to use as the enterprise and projects develop.

The facets of this visual business plan can be used for pitches to attain public and private funding, bring in strategic partners and more. Attendees with multiple enterprises or projects might consider having a set of canvases, to support development of each.

Step 3: Staying on top of everything from accounts to sales and prioritizing along the way with Kanban, a tool for individuals and teams alike.

: You’ll have a tool to manage every detail of your business, to keep it running while staying on top of what’s important. This import from Japan is a tool that, once you learn how to use it for your business, is likely to seep into other projects in your life. You might start wondering how you previously managed large projects without it!

Sound like an ambitious amount to cover in two hours?

It is! Susan and Winston are experienced trainers who will be providing an introduction into each component of the workshop. While some attendees will take off running with the three steps, others will want more in-depth insight that’s catered to individual needs, based on your current stage of business.

After attending the workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to sign-up for a Business Audit as well as get 1-2-1 support. Attending this initial session is recommended to establish a foundational understanding, however if you’re interested and not able to attend, get in touch with Be Smart About Art, Professional Development Partner to AWAD:


1.15-1.30pm: Arrivals and introductions

1.30-2.10pm: WHY, mission and vision, brand values

2.10-2.50pm: Business Model Canvas

2.50-3.20pm: Kanban

3.20-3.30pm: Open discussion

3.30pm:Close of workshop


About Winston Peters:

With an affinitive love for education and the arts and being deeply enrooted in the New York City’s cultural and business communities; Winston saw a common theme among his creative peers; the need for organization and business advice. With this insight and his finance and business management background, Winston sought out to create a business consultancy to provide support and solutions for creative and culturally aligned companies.

As Principal Partner @ MyUberLife Consulting Group, Winston advises brands and businesses to help them grow.

"Be A Wolf About Your Dream" | Instagram: @WinceP_ofMUL | #MULFMAB


About Susan J Mumford:

She’s an entrepreneur, mentor, speaker / moderator and author. Following a career as a gallerist and art consultant, in 2010 she founded the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD). With a mission to facilitate business and collaborations between and for women art dealers and advocating gender equality in the arts, the international non-profit has multiple chapters and members around the globe. In 2012, she started Be Smart About Art, a professional development programme that helps art world professionals thrive in a changing industry. In 2015, her first book was published: Art is your life. Make it your living. Based in England, Susan spends notable periods travelling around the UK, USA and Continental Europe, delivering workshops and keynotes, mentoring creative professionals, facilitating panel discussions, judging art prizes, writing and more.

Keep up to date with her online @susanjmumford