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Talk, Tour + Networking at London Art Fair highlighting Arusha Gallery

London event for art world professionals

Date: Jan. 17, 2019, 6 p.m. - Jan. 17, 2019, 8 p.m. UK time (see time converter)

Location: London Art Fair | Business Design Centre | 52 Upper Street | London N1 0QH

Transport: Angel Station + 5 minute walk

Speakers: Susan J Mumford

Price: Members go free | Non-Members 16 GBP

#besmartaboutart networking is a monthly opportunity presented by Be Smart About Art to meet artists, curators & other art world peers, view exhibitions and spaces, and expand knowledge – creative and professional alike!

In January, we’re visiting London Art Fair. The Fair showcases the most exceptional modern and contemporary art of our time, to discover and to buy. Known as an established destination for both museum quality modern and contemporary work, the Fair nurtures collecting at all levels, from prints and editions, to major works by internationally renowned artists.

The Fair features over 130 galleries showcasing an incredible selection of works, alongside a curated programme including talks with art world experts, tours of the Fair, interactive performance art and more.

Be Smart About Art is being hosted by Arusha Gallery at the Fair. Hot off the heels of their success during Miami Art Week, this is an exciting time to catch gallery and talk with Creative Director, Agnieszka Prendota.



> Your tickets will be left on the door ahead of the event. We are meeting inside the fair between 6 – 6.30pm a location inside the fair will be emailed to you ahead of the event. We will be leaving the meeting location by 6.30 promptly.

> Please be aware, due to the nature of the fair environment we may need to adapt our plans to speak with Agnieszka Prendota at Arusha Gallery depending on what is happening on the stand at that moment.



BSAA Founder and art world entrepreneur Susan J Mumford will introduce you to the fair, ranging from its role in the art market to what to see at this edition. She’ll then lead event attendees to Arusha Gallery where Creative Director, Agnieszka Prendota will introduce the art works on display and share her vision for the stand. Not only will you gain insight and inspiration in to the gallery’s programme, you’ll get a behind the scenes view of what is happening next for the gallery. You’ll then be free to explore, with an option to meet the group to compare notes.


About Arusha Gallery

Arusha Gallery is an international contemporary gallery established in 2013, with main premises in Edinburgh's historic New Town.

We represent new and established artists, whose work ranges from bronze sculptures to figurative paintings. Our programme includes group and solo exhibitions, collaborations with guest curators and public institutions, and attendance at domestic and international art fairs.

Recent highlights from our 2018 programme include a sold out exhibition for the artist Helen Flockhart, with paintings based around Mary, Queen of Scots, and a sold out solo booth for painter Charlotte Keates at Miami Pulse Contemporary Art Fair.

Arusha Gallery will be showing the following artists:


Charlotte Keates

Borrowing from technical blueprint and architectural drawing, Keates’s work draws on the ideals of organic architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Hugo Haring and Bucky Fuller. Interiors recall the modish geometry of 1960s and ‘70s design, shown here in communion with elements from the natural world. Trees push through flat concrete, while perspectives unfold in sheets of glass. These images of modernist leisure leave one with the feeling of having entered a space only recently vacated, dramatising stillness without surrendering movement. These are environments that suggest, technically as well as artistically, indistinct human activity and motion. Keates's work is interdisciplinary, meta-textual, with serene and airy landscapes that mesmerise the viewer.


Shelly Tregoning

Shelly Tregoning’s paintings are a response to the intimacies of her life - an emotional connection to those closest to her and to fragments of the everyday that she encounters.

Tregoning visually gathers ‘moments’, which then inform her drawings and paintings as some kind of scaffolding upon which she builds her images. Rather than a simple re-creation of a person or place, she relies on parks, brushstrokes and lines to evoke sensations and a notion of identity.


Jack Dunnett

Glasgow-based Jack Dunnett combines oil painting with a shorthand of household chemistry (acids, salts, industrial materials and cleaning products). He works in layers of colours and chemicals, building up or dissolving images and textures as the paintings progress. This approach reflects Dunnett’s interest in the tension between the unruliness of chemical reactions, and the considered, detailed craft of traditional painting.

His paintings depict a world which is rooted in human experience. Places can often appear otherworldly, yet have essences of familiarity and shared involvement; narratives forever remain unclear yet profess that there is a story to be told.


Elizabeth Stewart

Textile artist Elizabeth Stewart uses old family photographs as the starting point for her work, as well as paint and collage. She creates images, which are then woven into fabric by a computer-controlled jacquard loom. She then cuts and reassembles with hand-stitched appliqué.

She reimagines and places her subjects into a new orbit, with the intention of setting them free from a frozen moment in time and space, and creating a new narrative for them.  


Michael Aurel

Aurel is a poet, painter, illustrator and filmmaker, and recently completed a residency in Los Angeles. Themes of identity, loss, nation and the academy dominate his work.

Aurel is both observer and participant. His Romanian heritage, and his attachment to an Eastern bloc whose political history has outlived its geographical existence, penetrate his otherwise natively British scenes. It is difficult to come to a total appreciation of Aurel's visual art without also considering the poetry with which it frequently engages. His curiosity is visible in the way he strides disciplinary and aesthetic frontiers, with an outsider’s intrigue.


Ed Burkes

Burkes’s paintings are raucous, carnivalesque celebrations of the mundane and the miniature. His style is akin to an explosion of primary colours rendered in thick, strident brushstrokes. The scenes, sometimes interwoven with skeletal text, all wash out their central figures in voids of disconcerting, unrestrained colour. The result is resplendent, gaudy and wryly naïve.

Burkes was chosen by Saatchi Art as one of 20 emerging artists to invest in, less than a month after graduating from Falmouth School of Art and Design (2016), and was shortlisted for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries award. 


Sam Drake

Drake paints in rich, nocturnal tones, with figures that find themselves dappled in dwindling natural light. Centred on notions of mystery, memory and place, his oil paintings are frequently referential, drawing on wellsprings of historical, political, military and literary history. His works evoke the waking hours of dusk and those retiring hours bathed in moonlight; each piece, which range from the figurative to the wholly abstract, are bound together by a sense of disquieting.

Based in New York, Drake is currently pursuing an MFA at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Art and Design. 


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