Be Smart About Art

Mothers Who Create

An instructive seminar for creative entrepreneurs and artists, presented by expert Tamara Gal-On

Date: Dec. 10, 2012, 10 a.m. - Dec. 10, 2012, 2 p.m. UK time (see time converter)

Location: The Studio Building | 21 Evesham Street | London W11 4AJ
Tube: Latimer Road

Speakers: Susan J Mumford, Tamara Gal-On

Price: Members £45 | Early Bird £55 (til 25th Nov) | Full £75

We are happy to present Mothers who Create, a half-day workshop by Tamara Gal-On.

Let go of overwhelm, guilt and undesirable compromise and discover the simple steps to (re-)establishing your joyful, profitable professional creativity.

  • Do you struggle to find the right path to being both the best creative professional you can and the best parent?

  • Do you feel like there isn’t enough time to do either job really well?

  • Do you feel like things are getting missed on both sides of the equation?

  • Do you look for models or mentors of professional creative mothers who are doing this well and find there aren’t many if any at all – unless they’re blessed with huge salaries?

  • Do you wish this all felt a bit easier?

Please join us for this half-day workshop where you will discover:

  • Time management is not your biggest challenge (honestly it isn’t) however much it feels like it is and what is really going on – AND what to do about it.

  • The widespread myths and your personal stories that are keeping you in overwhelm and preventing you from finding graceful solutions to the very real challenges you are facing.

  • The mindsets and practices that will allow you to find your guilt-free, un-compromised path to your fully expressed professional creativity without it feeling as if your parenting demands or desires are getting in the way – no matter how much it feels like it is impossible dream right now

Tamara Gal-On has spent 10 years running a coaching practice focused entirely on working with Creative Professionals and those who support them from musicians to photographers, animators to film directors and most recently has turned her focos on working with women in the creative industries.

Tamara says, having your creative career and your ideal parenting intentions work together is not impossible. Last year I earned more than I ever have before, whilst working fewer hours than I ever have before, doing work with clients that was more joyful and satisfying than ever before and some of it involved working on a boat in the Bahamas – twice! I am the mother of a little boy of nearly 3 and in a normal week spends 3 days at home with me as his sole carer. 'I do not pretend to have a one size fits all solution - what works varies from person to person and their needs of course - but I have developed a signature system that will help you find your own, aligned solutions to the challenges you face in finding the joy, grace and ease in achieving your creative professional ambitions and having those fit with your ideal parenting outcomes'.

Click here to view the location on Google Maps. Note that The Studio Building is next to the TalkTalk building on Evesham Street.

Places are limited so please book now to guarantee your participation!

Note that refunds are not available after you have placed your booking.