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Tamara Gal-On

Tamara Gal-On

If you wish to live a good creative life Tamara has learned (in 11 years coaching people to do exactly that) nothing beats intuition as the very best tool for navigating a career in a somewhat unpredictable career or industry.   Also, money is useful.

When she realised that the two most inspired (and lucrative) decisions she ever made in her career coaching professionals in the creative industries were both made utterly out of intuitive left field, she decided to pay better attention to her intuition. And then once she’d satisfied her inner sceptic that she wasn’t making it all up – she started to help her clients to tap into their intuition and act on it – with similar results.  

Most recently Tamara has supported a music artist (who also loves to teach) to double her lesson fees, triple her average performance fees – with no quibbles from her clients - whilst also successfully following her desire to gracefully divide her time between her relationship in one country and her career in another.

It’s her great joy to help her clients to create a sense of ease, connection and freedom (be that creative, emotional, financial…) so they can enjoy long lasting and joyful careers in their chosen industry.

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Profession : Specialist Coach: Coach for Creative Industry Professionals

Business Name : Capitalise on Creativity

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