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Briony Marshall

Briony Marshall

Oxford Biochemistry graduate turned sculptor, Briony Marshall’s unique, science-inspired works are a humbling and awe-inspiring look at the fragility, beauty and complexity of human life.

Taking a rather unconventional route on her journey to become a sculptor, Briony Marshall first pursued a science degree and a brief foray of professional life before following her passion for art. Making the decision to move from laboratory to artist studio, Marshall’s science background has influenced her artistic practice and she uses this unique viewpoint to explore the place of the human in the context of scientific doctrine. Chemistry and molecular science are strong themes within her work, though she explores the micro world of molecules through figurative sculptures that often draw parallel and illuminate the anthropocentric macro world we inhabit as a society.

In 2010 she received the Brian Mercer Award which involved a three month residency in a bronze foundry in Italy. She has recently completed the Pangolin London Sculpture Residency which culminated in an ambitious and critically acclaimed solo show at Pangolin London in May 2013. She is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and is head of Professional Development at The Art Academy.

Profession : Sculptor

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Twitter: @ArtBriony