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Crista Cloutier

Crista Cloutier

Like many artists, Crista Cloutier graduated from university with the myth of the starving artist looming big. Crista needed a “real job.”

She was hired by Segura Publishing Company, a distinguished fine-art print studio. Though she had no experience in the art business, within a year Crista worked her way from glorified intern to director of the company.

But selling art can be soul-destroying. Crista stepped on a lot of toes as she learned the dance; doors closed in her face, phones hung up in during her pitch. Yet during her tenure, she sold thousands of works to museums, galleries and collectors. She also produced award-winning documentaries, contributed essays for major publications, and curated international exhibitions.

In 2008, Crista chose to leave the art business behind to focus on her own creative projects. Today, she lives in London and her work takes her all over the world.

And a big part of Crista’s creative practice involves helping other artists navigate the art world, getting their work seen and sold.

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